Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dream Theater Score - Subjective Review

Now, finally, a proper review on the newest live DVD from the greatest band in the universe, Dream Theater.

The live DVD was made to commemmorate 20th years of reign that Dream Theater has established worldwide, and was the first live ever from the band with full Orchestra.

The live show was divided into two-sets of live. First set, features only the band, and second set, features the band with full Orchestra.

Set #1
1. The Root of All Evil
The next chapter from Mike Portnoy's Alcoholics Anonymous Saga delivers nicely and powerful enough to open the stage. It also delivers to open the stage in conjunction with the song being the first track of the Dream Theater's latest CD, Octavarium.

2. I Walk Beside You
No surprises on the two first tracks of the live. No alternative riffs, no additional sounds, everything were exactly the same as heard on the CD.

3. Another Won
Before progresses to the next song, James LaBrie had a brief conversation with audience regarding a brief history of Dream Theater. Whilst on stage, two center screens shows the old pictures of Dream Theater's personnel as they were twenty years ago, skinny, complete with longish hair very common in metal community at the end of 80's. From here on, the songs progressing based on the timeline, beginning with this song who was among the first song that they wrote.

4. Afterlife
Taken from the only album (their first) that features another singer other than James LaBrie, this song is my personal favourite from the album. Again, still no surprises, everything goes and heard just like on the CDs.

5. Under a Glass Moon
No comment on this one, taken from their second album. Great hand-works from John Petrucci. The resemblance solo sequence with the CD was uncanny.

6. Innocence Faded
I would prefer Scarred or Erotomania as the song that represents their third album. But still, the album (Awake), in my opinion was the most difficult album from Dream Theater to hear.

7. Raise the Knife
No comment on this one, taken from one of the sessions in process of their fourth album, the song never went officially into the official track list of the Falling into Infinity album. And i heard it the first time on this DVD.

8. The Spirit Carries On
Ah, probably the most known ballad album from the fifth album. Too easy. And with the end of this song, so ends set #1.

In truth, i was rather disappointed to hear (and see) set #1. No surprises, no technical show-offs, just a regular band playing the track from their discography as that they would doing it on a record sessions. But hey, it still Dream Theater.

Set #2
9. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
Okay, the stage was darkened, and as the lights went on, no band members were visible on stage. Instead, we had a full orchestra!. I must tell you beforehand, that Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (from their sixth album) was a single song, the longest Dream Theater's song to date (42 minutes long), consists of eight sections. The very first section (Overture) was a six minute instrumental that originally on the CD was performed by the band. In this live version, however, the first part was entirely played by the orchestra. And if it didn't gave you a goosebumps, you ought to turn off your DVD player and switch to local pop materials such as Radja, Peter Pan, or stuffs. This event was also serves as the only time Dream Theater played the whole sections of Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, from start to finish. John Petrucci changed his guitar at least thrice during the song play.

10. Vacant
Odd choice from the seventh album, though if you count the presence of the orchestra, it would made clear sense. I would personally prefer Stream of Consciussness or Endless Sacrifice. But both songs has been covered in the Live at Budokan DVD.

11. The Answer Lies Within
Another ballad song taken from the eighth album. Again, odd choice on my behalf. During the second view, i skipped track #10, #11, and #12 entirely.

12. Sacrifice Sons
This is personal. I never liked the song, because of its lyrical content. During the first view, i skipped straight to the solo section and never watch it again for the subsequent viewing.

13. Octavarium
Ah, my current favourite song. Another epic song (24 minutes), with first section showed-off what Jordan Rudess could do with that weird looking tuts-less keyboard (called Continuum). The flute part still creeps me out even more. I've got no further comment on the song. I just sit back, intently watching the show, oblivious to the world around, and smiled to myself as if to satisfy myself that i put this song above any other song ever written for a reason. And i'm watching the said reason. I said it before, and i said it again, Octavarium is the best song ever written.

14. Metropolis
After seemingly a perfect closure to the end of yet another tremendous show, Dream Theater bowed to their New York fans with Metropolis. A little bit of trivia, Dream Theater's management was said to be fined for thirty-thousand US dollars because they were 3 minutes past the 11 PM curfew permitted at Radio City Music Hall where the concert was held because the band took their time "thank you"-ing the audience.

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arih said...

oh uh where did you get it?? gotta see it ASAP! :p

Rhama Arya Wibawa said...

I didn't have it on my computer of course, Baskoro bought the original, ripped it, and brought it to the campus for us, poor men, to see :p.