Friday, February 09, 2007

New Job

I've got two simple choices to made during the last two weeks concerning of whether i should switch job or not. And of course, i had to list all the pluses and minuses of the two. The decisions, however was not that hard to made.

The minuses of new place:

  • Ten kilometers further north, which took me a total of 90 minutes riding instead of the usual 45 minutes.
  • The foods were rather pricey.
  • The pressure was harder (i was immediately assigned as a team-leader slash project-manager).
  • The working hours were significantly less flexible.
  • No mini-market nearby (which means, no afternoon snacks).
  • No TV!!!!!.

The pluses of new place:
  • More opportunity to learn something new.
  • Finally, started a project from beginning, and not merely fixing old projects written by someone else.
  • Further exposing myself to the world of open-source technology with which i had had a terrible itch.
  • Had my very own desk.
  • A 30+% salary boosts plus benefits.

Well, it's not really a hard decision at all to jump from my lousy yet comfortable job to the more challenging and demanding job i'm in from now on.

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1 comment:

Linda said...

and the decision is?
stick with the current job :D