Tuesday, August 21, 2007


My new friends had said - largely with mocking tones that only good friends did (oh, and i made good friends rather quick, even my new Human Resource Manager had admitted it, well, at least to men, women frightens me, unless if they're pregnant, and my new female good friends, they whom i felt comfortable to had lunch with, were pregnant, or young mothers. Go figure) - that i had every symptoms of an autistic. Now, i don't know shit about Autism, nor about its behaviors, so i can't exactly tell why did my new friends said so. However, one of my new friend said, that i had some odd, curious, out-of-this-world behaviors, which of course qualify me as being weird. Another admired me for my wackiness (no kidding). Yet another gave up his throne as film appreciator after knowing (in a hard way, which satisfied me) that i had more knowledge in the field than him. Another who had commented on my thick Javanese accent, had a shock of her life (this one, a young rich girl, i don't like much, and i tend to avoid talking to) when she found me laughing to tears while reading The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents, reads my blog, heard my not-too-friendly comments on Harry Potter's seventh book, and ultimately, to learn that i kept my thick Javanese accent on purpose, as heritage. Another, a chinese descendant female (also young and rich, and also i tend to avoid as well) also shocked when she knew that i had some knowledge in Japanese (and Chinese) letters even without proper (nor formal) educations whatsoever.

Actually, i just did what everyone should did. I learn, i study, about things that interested me the most. For instance, films. I learned to read Japanese merely because i wanted to play un-translated Japanese Games (if it comes to Games, i'm a purist. All against dubbed Games). Therefore, i don't know how to speak or read Japanese properly, but i know enough those Kanji letters to understand the meaning. See, i'm not necessarily learn the language, but just enough to read the symbols. Give me a Kanji letter, there's a fair chance i would know the meaning. But not how to read them properly (either in Japanese or Chinese). If i'm not interested in a particular thing, i would know nothing of it. Just like everyone else. Well, even Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective ever written, and arguably one of the brightest fictional character, doesn't know that the Earth was orbiting the Sun (i believe this fact was unearthed during his first moments with Dr.Watson in A Scarlett Letter). He doesn't care about it one way or another since it doesn't have any significance whatsoever with his job as a private investigator.

You know what i hate the most about people nowadays? They tend to judge the book by its cover. Well, not that i'm guiltless about it though, but, when i'm comfortable around people, i don't give a shit what they looked like, or how they behave. And really, it doesn't takes a lot to made me comfortable around people.

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