Friday, April 13, 2007

Summer 2007 Preview: Summer of Sequels

Even though that i've only known (and experienced) either sunny weather, or rain, i celebrated summer holidays with my own way. Movieplex. Generally begins on May, the summer season is a season where big-budgeted films (not necessarily smart, but features nifty eye-candy, big paid actors, and those that could qualified as a guilty-pleasure in my part) best experienced on a big screen.

Generally begun on May, this coming 2007 is a yet another year full of sequels.
Spider-Man 3 hit early on May 4, 28 Weeks Later on May 11, Shrek the Third on May 18, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End a week later on May 25. Further out, Ocean's Thirteen on June 8, neck-in-neck with gruesome guaranteed horror flick, Hostel: Part II, June 15, another super-hero flick, but this one features one of my favorite Marvel character, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, the trailer was awesome, Evan Almighty coming a week later, June 22, though i dont generally concord with the idea, and as much as i liked Steve Carrell, i doubt he would accomplish what Jim Carrey had in Bruce Almighty. John McClane coming back, with luscious Mary Elizabeth Winstead as his daughter, Live Free or Die Hard coming June 26.

Please note that i only mentioned sequels.

Michael Bay's Transformer hit on July 6. And if one talks about Michael Bay, who needs plot? Blow things apart, that's what he does best, and he better keep at it on this film. Super annoying teenager witch, Harry Potter hit the theater with his fifth installment, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the week after, oh, did i mentioned that he's super annoying? for those of you who haven't read the book, the book (and the film) would be a legit proof that he's a super annoying teenager witch.

Further out, the last closure of Bourne trilogy, The Bourne Ultimatum hit on August 3. And i tell you this, Jason Bourne (JB) could kick James Bond (JB)'s whimpy ass any time, any where. The duo, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker back again in Rush Hour 3. But really, who cares? They're back on August 10. And that's conclude the summer of sequels (excluding Transformer) release date. There were still many high-profiled line-ups that i haven't mentioned, such as Hot Fuzz, Simpsons the Movie, Stardust, Hairspray (remake), Ratatouille (Pixar's), 1408 (Stephen King's adaptation), Black Sheep (awesome New Zealand's horror), Nancy Drew (you who grew in 80's must know this girl, if you don't, then you don't read books much), Mr.Brooks, and more.

Except for Pirates, Bourne, and Transformers, nothing excite me much. Well, you see Pirates and Bourne both had their FINAL installment (Pirates could give a fourth sequels though) which wraps up things, like how the heck was Captain Sparrow escapes that Kraken at the end of its second installment, and how does Jason Bourne settle things with Thread Seventy-One? Transformers? well, this Hasbro's toys was my unfulfilled dream to have when i was a child.

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reri said...

Again, thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to watch Pirates and...erm, Bourne?

I don't really like Spiderman, and I don't feel like Carey can be replaced on Evan Almighty.

Oh, and, I agree that HP is annoying. I just can't understand why lot of people adimre him o__O

Sandbox-er said...

Gahahahaha... Annoying. You couldn't hit the point better than that. Whiny emo self-proclaimed wizard. Oh my, here's an opposition to Elminster.

oh yeah, and i'm a mod in a HP forum (doesn't mean that i liked HP, no?). feel free to visit, you can't miss