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Rotten Tomatoes's Best 25 Film Mid-Year 2007

If you considered yourself a film-geek AND an internet-avid, but oblivious to the existence of, you seriously need to give up one or both your status consideration. That being said, taken from one of them pages, Rotten Tomatoes' best 25 film in 2007 so far. With my nifty (probably useless, but heck, i feel the urge to write right now, and nothing you say, or thought, could possibly hindered my enthusiastment right now) comments added next to it.

25. Paris Je T'aime (2007)
Well, thanks to the latest theater addition in Jakarta, i'm able to watch the film on a big-screen. The film consists of several tens short-films (i believe it's around 29 or something) told about some segment of love ranging from absurdities, true loves, betrayals, and well, almost any emotional feelings you could probably able squeeze out of that butteflies in your belly. However, given the nature of short-films, some shorts will make you smile, some shorts will make you wince, some shorts stellar, and some others fell flat. Thankfully, the shorts that fell on my good side dominates. My favourite segments were naturally, one segment that came from Coen Brothers, and one with singing Spanish lady (it hurts so much, i cried - on the inside).

24. Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
A shocker indeed. Haven't seen it, will go see it with my girl-friend this weekend.

23. Into Great Silence (2007)
22. Starter for 10 (2007)
21. God Grew Tired of Us (2007)
20. An Unreasonable Man (2007)
I haven't seen any of the above films. From here on, the ones i hadn't commented on will be ones that i haven't seen.

19. Grindhouse (2007)
This film has been in my shortlist for like.. forever. The chance to see the film in local theater was almost as likely as snow storm in Jakarta. And i haven't seen the DVD editions of this film, which of course, deluded me to any actual experience i should have with this film.

18. After the Wedding (2007)
When this film played at last year's Jakarta Film Festival, i gave up the chance to seeing it. Now, i'm regretting it.

17. The Namesake (2007)
16. Bridge to Terabithia (2007)
On one evening, i had mulling, prospecting the idea to see the film instead of Shrek. That day, i figured out that i may have another chance to see the film some other time. I don't.

15. Breach (2007)
14. Red Road (2007)
13. The Hoax (2007)
Currently playing at local Cineplex.

12. The Italian (2007)
11. The Wind that Shakes the Barley (2007)
Another gratifying performance from Cillian Murphy.

10. The Lookout (2007)
9. The Waitress (2007)
8. Zodiac (2007)
This film has taking his sweet-ass time to be released on local theaters.

7. The Host (2007)
One of my best experience at last year's Jakarta Film Festival, and still one of the very best (along with that awfully-creepy A Tale of Two Sisters) Korean film that i've ever seen. Period.

6. Sicko (2007)
For some reasons, i responsed the news regarding Michael Moore negatively. However, he has been very succesful in tackling some sensitive prominent issues in his documentaries, that people actually wondering and even suggesting the issue Michael Moore should tackle on his next documentary flick.

5. Hot Fuzz (2007)
Hollywood! This is how you made a parody. Hot Fuzz (as of their previous flick, Shaun of the Dead) tackling action genres (especially buddy-cop genres) with style. However, unlike the genre's counterpart made by the infamous Production House across Atlantic Ocean, this parody made with a substance and taking its time as well to build it. The final twenty minutes, however, will make up for it, and certainly worth your money.

4. Knocked Up (2007)
My general disagreement about the rom-com genre bites back when i found myself actually liked this film. I tried to measure it up by attributing the factor to my illogical admiration to Katherine Heigl (she was in Under Siege 2, THE ONLY Steven Seagal film i liked to watch for second time, or more, and of course, Roswell) and let it pass. To see this film at the #4 spot merely confirmed my suspicion that this film probably one of the best rom-com films for the last few years. You, young couples, go see it.

3. Once (2007)
2. Away from Her (2007)
1. Ratatouille (2007)
The moment this Pixar's newest baby hit the local theater, i would be there.

Damn. Only 5 out of 25.. i've got to get out more of this cubicle.

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niken said...

So far I've just watched Starter for 10 and Hot Fuzz. I don't really like Starter For 10, but I was amazed by Hot Fuzz. It's funny and spooky in a way :)