Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fringe (TV Series)

Is the name "J.J. Abrams" sparked your interest? For a good reason or otherwise? If it does, then you could consider yourself as a TV series fan or an overweight 'couch-potato' whichever suits you best.

"Fringe" is the latest TV series that put his name out front and for better or worse, after "Lost", "Felicity", "Alias", and the film "Cloverfield", i wouldn't really mind to put a two-hour pilot episode of this series on a test-play.

Fifteen minutes into play got me thinking of "C.S.I" criss-crossed with "X-Files" sans the Alien thingy. Now that was pretty high expectation given that i'm quite sure that nobody's going to argue about "C.S.I" being one of the prominent TV series in recent years, and that "X-Files" is simply a legendary TV series. But, usually, for any given TV series, pilot episode is more often than not, is one of the best episode (if not THE best itself) that series is going to see for quite a while.

Fringe begins on an Transatlantic Flight 627 from Hamburg to Boston. The plane was on a rough electrical storm (whatever that means) and its passengers were anxious at best, but it's all routine, just another flight in a bad weather. Until someone, one passenger shot a syringe into himself, and staggering along the aisle toward the pilot cabin. A flight attendant rose to her feet, trying to urge the man back into his seat. The passenger puked to the flight attendant, and disintegrate his flesh in the process. The terror ensues, and by the time the plane auto-piloted landed in Boston, all of its passengers and crews were dead, their flesh were disintegrated (it's gross but great latex work nonetheless). Thus, the new terror that involves some sort of a chemical compound unfold. And it's a job for Agent Olivia of the FBI to tackle.

First of all, i don't like the main protagonist, this Agent Olivia. She seems more interested with the case through a more selfish reason that i would've liked, and i don't really respected the way she negotiate to had what she wanted. Fortunately, other than that, the pilot episode provides an intriguing piece of an episode. If mystery with a dip of an sci-fi is in your alley, this one you might liked to watch.

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