Saturday, July 12, 2008

Red Cliff... Not!

Anyone else excited to see John Woo's rendition of the most decisive battle in the Chinese History? I do and therefore i was pretty excited to learn that this film will hit the local theater tonight at midnight. However, as my wife, a Chinese history buff, won't let me see the film without her, i had to hold the reins and wait for her instead in two weeks time. Hey, just trying to be a good husband, here. Hopefully the film was still around at the time.

Another sad news, we won't see Hellboy II: The Golden Army anytime soon in Indonesia even if it is already hit the theater everywhere else. It irked me a lot on how ignorant those fools at 21 network really are. I mean, sure, Hellboy is an almost unknown superhero here, but, as far as i'm concerned, the first film is the best superhero film after Batman and that is only because i'm a fan of Batman. Further, Selma Blair is hands down, the best superhero's female sidekick ever. I don't even know who to direct my rage towards to for the lack of appreciation from the so-called movie-goers in Indonesia that ultimately led to the decision to push back the release of Hellboy II, yeah, movie-goers indeed, tasteless movie-goers, in fact, i wouldn't call them movie-goers, just a bunch of kids with too much of time and money and too little of everything else (including taste). Go see that Eddie Murphy's newest dud, Meet Dave, instead which perhaps not surprisingly, arrived on a spot-on schedule. I hope that they don't screw up again when The Dark Knight scheduled to arrive. Given the Batman's reputation, i wouldn't think that they would screw it up but hey, there's no limit to stupidity and taste-less-ness.

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