Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Week Old Rant

I've been wanting to write something after the long weekend (in Indonesia, we had 5 days off last week), the pleasant long weekend, but really, my work doesn't spare a moment to catch breath by putting in high gear right straight on Tuesday.

First of, we celebrates our 61st Independence Day on August 17th, but on August 19th, 4:08 am, my mother's dad, who was my very last third generation grand-parents passed away after suffered from a month long stroke, may God rests his soul.

Had a pleasant weekend with my shopaholic love (just kidding, love), spent quite a fortune as well. Watching several movies at the local theater, such as Captain Jack Sparrow's havoc adventures which is surprisingly, as good as when i watch them the first time a month ago, well at least, i didn't get bored at all just like when i watched its prequel. And damn, that end scene still robs my breath.

And then, it was a documentary about some Miami's cops. It was a very much pleasant experience. Well, aside from this man's character who doesn't convince me of being the leader between the duo (well, Sonny Crockett's was supposed to be the leader, not some wimpy cute-boy) and his love interest's sad sad performance. However, even if that it's still mightly far from his masterpiece - well heck, in my opinion, every artists could only have ONE masterpiece -, it was still one of the best Summer films i've seen this year. I especially love that trailer park scene, so haunting... and many thanks to the fellow audiences who surprisingly, was also mostly quiet at that particular scene, which enabled me to could feel its grandeur beauty.

And lastly, some lame excuse on this man's behalf about superheroes-theme that recently plagued our theater nowadays. It was a bad mix between Smallville, Scary Movie (it's spoof quality with her aboard as well), and 14-year old girls as his target audiences. To give them some credit, there's this scene, involving a deadly sea-creature which i'm sure that most audiences would find pretty amusing (and entertaining). Doesn't give a damn about its ending though.

And now, a new week emerges, new steps taken, new decisions made, new risks challenged. Wish us luck, folks, me and my love would try something really risky in this couple month ahead. I'll let you know when it comes around.

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