Thursday, December 07, 2006


If i'm about to draw the red-line between Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio, it goes like this: I hate them both, really hate them both in that movie when the huge ship sinks. But, as it turns out, i really enjoyed them nowadays, i see that Leo has succesfully gone mature especially since his involvement with Martin Scorcese (casted to lead role in his last three movies, that should count on something) and i respected him more than ever now since he made that comment about my favourite actress, Cate Blanchett about how she was a 'female Daniel Day-Lewis' the guy whose responsible to creeps the hell out of me on Gangs of New York, and decided to enjoys movies more than just a mere entertainment. He said, that she was (just like Daniel Day-Lewis) a chameleon that she could actually play as anybody in any kind of movie. Oh, yes, he won my heart just right and then. Anyone who loves Cate Blanchett would surely and easily get my love.

Kate Winslet was another story. She was so damn good over the years that i wouldn't give up a chance to catch her on any movies she's on. Her charming performance in Eternal Sunshine.. was memorable especially during her red-hair phase (to tell you a secret, i've had a soft spot for red-haired woman. My girlfriend was red-haired). Only her outward beauty that put her one spot less than Cate Blanchett in my list of favourite actress.

How's that for ironic? Two of my hatred object during senior high school turns out to be two of the few of whom i really enjoyed the works. Anyway, what's wrong with Titanic? It was the top-grossing movie of all time anyway, that reason alone could deny any of my rational thought on how i dont like Titanic. I mean, the crowds love it, way too much, but still, top-grossing movie of all time? Well, i dont hate it, that's for starter, but you see, i've always put myself on the opposite of the society in regards to trend. In other words, whenever a thing get so hip that everybody talked about it, somehow, i found a way to grow contempt about it, and be proud of it. Selfish? Yes, but see, that's what i am. So, if anything hip out there, if anything was popular out there, you could safely bet that most of the time i would hate it.

Last night on DVD, i just seen Requiem for a Dream, and in my opinion, it was the best film that ever deal with drug-addictness. In fact, i think this film would be very effective to deliver the message about the danger of being drug-addict. The last fifteen minutes of the film was very raw, sickening and disturbing that i'm barely able to close my eyes without seeing the images flashes before my eyes for several hours after i watch the film. Damn. And, i can't believe that Marlon Wayans (that 'funny' guy who play junkie Shorty in Scary Movie series) could actually act. And oh, Jennifer Connelly was naked. But of course, i would called you 'sick-bastard' and silently vow to not be alone in a room with you should you're aroused by Ms.Connelly nakedness. No wonder that everybody has been so anxious to wait for Darren Aronofsky's next-project after this film (The Fountain).

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