Monday, December 11, 2006

JIFFest: Match Point (2005)

Chris (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) was a young man from Irish who went to London to made his day. He was a retired pro tennis player, and went to teach tennis at the exclusive club where rich folks gathered. And that's how we introduced with Tom Hewett (Matthew Goode), a heir to a very rich family. He quickly befriended Tom and hooked-up with Tom's sister, Chloe (Emily Mortimer) and already set for marriage. That was until he met Nola (Scarlett Johansson), Tom's fiancee. We had an impression that Chris only agreed to marry Chloe merely for money, and in truth really wanted to be with Nola. So, when Tom called-of their engagement, after Chris married, we knew that an affair was surely about to happen.

Given the premise, you may have already had guessed about how everything's turned out. Rest assured, you'll be rewarded, and satisfied with the ending. It doesn't cheat and instead of putting a satisfied end for its characters, it left out unfinished, which is why i dont feel like i was being cheated. Great watch.

When the film start, i was panicked. The film was British, with thick English accent of course, and it's a Woody Allen film where obviously there will be going a lot of talk, and it had no subtitle so i had to rely on my hearing which was i deemed as my worse English ability. Fortunately, i was underestimate my own capability. Years and years of training with films, games, and books has come to fruition. I was even overheard some guys talking about the ending, in which they had it all wrong. I won't spoil the ending. But really, even that slight misunderstood on the final act could really put this film from great to bad in interpretation. That said final act also the one that made my eye gouged and my jaw dropped, and which responsible to elevate this film into the height its achieved.

This film is Chris' story, and i couldn't think of anyone beside Jonathan Rhys Meyers to take the role. Scarlett Johannson is of course, as yummy as ever, and Emily Mortimer doesn't have any difficulty whatsoever to slid into her role as a mother, and as a wife. This film is not merely about Chris/Nola/Chloe triangle, but as you would see for yourself in the final act, it elevates into the next level, and ultimately made this film a near-masterpiece, from the point of view of your humble reviewer.

Match Point, 2005
Directed by: Woody Allen
Running Time: 124 mins.
My Rating: Excellent (***1/2 / ****)

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arih said...

Ok, so u enjoyed Jiffest :p Congratulation on the British accent comphrehension too.

Just wanna tell u, that swimming plan was cancelled, still got 10 voucher till 31st Dec, planning for next Sat afternoon.