Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fun Oscar Facts

Should i remind you again that i love and adore Kate Winslet? Well, here's more about her, regarding Oscar. I just learned the fact that Kate Winslet, at 31, and 19 movies, had received her 5th nominations. She was the youngest actress to do so. Way to go, dear.

Those 5 nominations were, Sense and Sensibility (can't remember it. I should check it sometime), Titanic (huh), Iris (never seen it), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (i was truly madly deeply in love with her character in this film, and i've seen the film for 3 times already), and Little Children (a really heavy and slow film, but worth every cent, as the climax scene was really punch you in the face).

And oh, she was also born on October, which made her a mere 6 years, 5 days older than me. Yeah, dream on, boy, dream on...

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