Monday, January 22, 2007

Sarah McLachlan

I quote her, not by her exact words per se, but it's more or less goes like this, "I was lucky, that i'm not like Britney or Alanis. To had those instant success at 19, it must've been very hard. My first album was sold for 50,000 copies, it's not a small number, but in current business, it's nothing, it's failure. But, it's a start. I played in a club for 150 people, then 200, then 400. Now, after ten years, i had this brief of a success, but i had it little by little, just enough to keep my head above the water. And i'm not considering my self as a Sarah McLachlan, the entertainer, i'm just still the old Sarah, or you could say, Sarah from the block." This last comment was greeted by laugh from the audiences.

In my humblest opinion, it's almost impossible to not love an artist, an entertainer with such attitude.

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