Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Life and Death of a Programmer

... or a Writer, or Whatever job that required constant typing, and love from its typist. Oh, how i really missed my life when i still Code for living. Not that i regret my decisions, well, a little, but unless somebody willing to pay me more than US$ 100k per year, or, more correctly, that if i COULD made a reputation out of myself that i was INDEED worth US$ 100k per year, i was scantly luckier than most. Shortly, this place is NOT a place i want to be in permanently, efforts would be made in order to made me get out of this office, AND this city, AND this continent, believe in that, as i believe in it myself.

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niken said...

Uhm. I never really understand about programming.. But I think I bit know about not being suitable with our environment.
Then I just can say: be patient and ganbatte ne! :D

Outside this country.. I really want to go to Japan one day :)
May your wish come true..

linda said...

com'on there are other places beside jkt to live in^^
you can do it if you want too....there is nothing that impossible to achieve :D

Rhama Arya Wibawa said...

Ironically, i just got home from the Value Deployment Program held by my company to actually 'deployed' the company values into my head. One of the very first thing i learned from the program was that nothing is impossible. But it was in a very different direction. My company wants that its employee feels that nothing is impossible in order to pursue a success for company's benefits, but i feel that nothing is impossible for my own benefits that someday, i could savored another part of this world. Therefore, the Value Deployment Program works well, but for an entirely different purpose. I say that's ironic.