Monday, September 24, 2007

Maroon 5: It Won't Be Soon Before Long

Never thought i would have said it, but yes, i really dig Maroon 5's second-album. I heard it (one of the songs, Makes Me Wonder, which immediately transforms me back to 80's even 70's when disco was still in) for the first time during my frequent trips with office's car to Gandul, Depok branch. To my liking, i feel like, and i think that it's safe to say that, to my liking, the whole album got the '80s feeling in and out. Michael Jackson (before his stupid marriage with that-Elvis-descendant-woman), and Prince when he's still Prince (and hideously blinking purple) and not yet T.A.F.K.A.P who sprang into my mind. Oh, i love it. I really do.

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Anonymous said...
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niken said...

I haven't heard the whole album, but I agree that Makes Me Wonder is nice. I like it too.

I wonder if you like japanese songs, but now I'm listening some of Monkey Majik's songs. Have you heard about it?

Out of topic, yes. I'm sorry.. X(

Rhama Arya Wibawa said...

Just two artists actually, Ayumi Hamasaki (been a fan of her since 2000, my favorite album is her first album, A Song for XX), and Every Little Thing (my favorite album is their 2003's Many Pieces). These two artists i followed closely. I even had some of their original CDs to bestow my appreciation.