Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I just checked out this blog's "Website SEO Score" through Websitegrader. It said that "A website grade of 67 for means that of the thousands of websites that have previously been submitted to the tool, our algorithm has calculated that this site scores higher than 67% of them in terms of its marketing effectiveness." whatever that means, the Alexa rank displayed on the image (which shows a healthy 13th rank was of course the overall rank for so, nothing special about that, since the actual rank of this blog would be much much lower (probably around millions just like my Technorati rank)). However, what intrigued me the most is a report about my blog's readability level. It said that my blog's readability level is "Advanced Degree (PhD)
This score measures the approximate level of education necessary to read and understand the web page content. In most cases, the content should be made to be simple so that a majority of the target audience can understand it." I was like, huh? Well, it's a rather fun (and dumb) way to spent a better hour of my morning. Back to work.

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