Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Random Shorts (8)

It's March now, and it's a pretty bad month for films. I had no interest in going to cineplex for the last couple of week, and quite confident that there won't be any interest enough to lure me out of my chair and went to the local theater probably as far as until May.

On a bright side, with plenty of non-weekend holidays this month, i think i had an idea of how to spent my time. I've made a simple promise that i'm going to leave this office before 2010. The simple hard truth with this company is, the more i learned of how things worked in this company, the more i felt hatred and discomfort of working here. And probably, given the pace of how things get worsened, i won't even made it to 2010. The future looks grim to this company, every steps they made, leads this company further to an abhorred failure and a losing competition. I won't go into details further than i had to. But one thing certain, i'm keeping my ears and eyes alert to a single most biggest client that this company had. Once this client had their very own network up and running, then it's only a matter of counting days before this company was forced to reduce expenses and employees. And of course, i need to think of my exit strategy should the day is looming closer. All those free time would gone to think of this exit strategy.

Well, first thing first though. Right now, all of my energy (and especially my money) went to my marriage plan.

On the implication of the need for an exit strategy, i had thought to take a full advantage on my sleep deprivation. On a normal working days, i usually slept for 5 to 6 hours. A not so long time ago, i used to sleep after three a.m and not really waking up before noon. I had disciplined myself to waking up (and stay awake) at six a.m every working days no matter how bad my last night's sleep was. It worked so far. Even though that i still granted myself a luxury for waking up fairly late during weekends, for the last seven months, i've never arrived at the office after seven a.m.

I'm an old school boy who thought that sleeping for eight hours daily is necessary. On the contrary, i found myself more exhausted on weekend than i am on a weekdays. I had taken light off it, attributed to an imagined fact that i had a sleep deprivation in the weekend only, although it sounded ridiculous. Until yesterday, when i read my favorite online magazine, Wired, i found this article about how to cheat on the need to sleep, hence, maximizing the quality rather than the quantity of sleep. Reading through the article, i stumbled upon another article about Dymaxian Sleep. On the article, the inventor - if we could say so - said that deep sleeping two hours a day is plenty. Hm, that was an interesting theory. After reading it, i decided to try it myself. I'm gonna tell you how's it going to be.

On the other note, the Internet was as you know it, had been down for the last couple of days, therefore i had just watched the last week's top 20 in American Idol season 7 only last night. Commenting on the guys, i had no favorite. Michael Johns gets no more vote from me, i found that he never really gets to where he sings Bohemian Rhapsody instead, he goes ever down hill from there. David Cook was too cocky, and somebody destroyed my all-time favorite Queen's song, Killer Queen, and i was more annoyed to the everyone's favorite, David Archuleta. Never liked the song Imagine, anyway. Shortly, none of the guys impressed me (except probably that dude with guitar). On the girls side, my my, Carly Smithson sings my favorite Heart's song. And she sings it very very very well. I'm officially convinced now that she's indeed the best voice of the herd. Brooke White was tremendeously beautiful. I really really fell in love with her eyes. And any girls who can sing and play guitar, gets my vote. Amanda Overmyer sings another one of my favorite song from the era, Carry on My Wayward Son. And to my dismay, she overdid the song. Never liked her in the first place anyway. As with the elimination, the only regret for me was to see Alexandrea gets the boot. I would rather had her in top 12 than Asia'h, or Kady, or Amanda. I guess in this kind of show, camera time, or how much the camera spent on you still holds the key factor to gets a vote. At this point of the show, i don't care which of the guys would gets the boot next. As for the girls, as long as Carly and Brooke made it to the top 12 which i think it would be rather impossible otherwise, everybody else was fair game.

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niken said...

Oh, but I like David Archuleta, especially after he sang Imagine. As the opposite, two of my favorites, Michael Johns and David Cook, showed no improvement at all these weeks(in fact, I felt like I want to punch Cook seeing his attitude).

But for girls, I guess we're in the same opinion. I love Brooke since she's so cute, plus she got nice performance. And Carly...can't say anything else beside great voice :)