Thursday, March 06, 2008

Run, Fat Boy, Run (2008)

Run, Fat Boy, Run. Film Review. This directoral debut of a Friend alumni, David Schwimmer, unfortunately brought too many elements from Holywood across the Atlantic that made the usual better than average tongue-in-cheek British comedy turns into your usual Holywood comedy filled with physical gags in its every other minute. I was excited for this film because of Simon Pegg, but unfrotunately, even though the script of this film was penned by Simon Pegg himself, it would seems that the Holywood touch attributed to Mr.Schwimmer was utterly obvious that in my book, it is by far, the worst Simon Pegg comedy that i've seen so far. And i considered him as my favorite comedian.

Dennis (Simon Pegg) reminds me too much of myself sometimes. He was a total loser, never finishes anything, and simply runs away in the wrong direction when things go out of hand. He started the film by running away from the altar where his girlfriend waiting on a wedding ceremony with a swollen belly. Five years later, he was still a loser and apparently was happy for being one. Until one day when his supposed-to-be-wife-had-he-doesn't-run-away and now a mother to his son, Jake, starting to have a date with a well set-up gentleman, a successful financial trader, an asshole, with a passion in running (Hank 'that dude with many many voice credits in The Simpsons series' Azaria. And then there's this event, an annual London charity marathon. Of course, we all knew where this one is going. Can Dennis and his unlikely companions (another loser who never wear a pants indoor with a tendency to lose at a poker table and his weird tenant who probably the only person whose physical appearance was relevant to the title of this film with a knack with spatula) beat the odds? Oh, you know how'd it ends.

In essential, the film was yet an underdog story about the most unlikely person to beat the odds. We were too familiar with the premises, its plot won't leave you guessing in vain, and you know exactly how the film would ends. For a little less than ninety minutes, Run, Fat Boy, Run doesn't gave you anything new. Oh, it was still a felt-good film but if i compared this film to another Simon Pegg's film that i've seen, the pacing, the mood was all wrong. I could say that even if Dennis had a determination to finish something once in his life, the film doesn't share his. I would personally blame Mr.Schwimmer in ruining this film. Simon Pegg is a funny man, but his specialty was in satirical comedies not this kind of Holywood-shaped straight-out schmuckish comedy which were too often involves an overused gags every other minutes. Heck, i was hardly laugh during the film.

P.S: For some odd reasons, i couldn't upload an image for this film. Since yesterday. It keeps popping up a complain that the server was busy and my Safari ever presented me with an Error page albeit that there's nothing wrong with my internet connection as i was busy and furiously reading various articles with magnanimous frequency. Oh well, this one would have to do without images then.

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