Tuesday, April 15, 2008

DTV: Superman - Doomsday (2007)

Superman - Doomsday. A DTV (Direct to Video) review. My very first full foray into the world of Superman was through the Death of Superman novel. I wasn't aware at the time that the novel was inspired (or adapted, or whatever) from the comic book that spawned many volumes and had through various cross-overs. Nor could i remembered any from the novel except that the very cool bleeding Superman's insignia on its jacket.

Years later, my room-mate at the college had the Death of Superman and his Return from the dead in its original trade paper-back comic. It was a long read.

Yesterday, while browsing iTunes store on its Movie section, and something caught my eyes. I had never heard anything about it previously.

The original comic series that depicted the Death (and return from) of Superman were long, and in my opinion, a rather tiring experience. It was divided in two where the Death of Superman clearly outweighs his return. I remember merely skimming through the second volume where his returns from the Death depicted in more details. Details that were actually lost in me.

In the comic book, the Death of Superman was an epic battle, spawned over several issues, made many crossing-overs, and featured many more customed superheroes. In a glorious image from the comic, Superman's death casket was brought by high-profiled JLA members. Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, and The Flash among others. And many many more lesser superheroes attending his funeral at Metropolis. In this video, it's solely about Superman.

A sinister killing machine, genetically altered by race far more superior than the Human was stored away deep within the confines of Earth's soil. The reason: the machine was simply too effective that it wouldn't hesitate to kill any living creatures. Friend or foe. Armed or no. A secret expedition funded by none other than what could well be as the only mortal who could stood up a chance against Superman, Lex Luthor, accidentally let this creature, unanimously named "Doomsday" (although no one in the video, as far as i could recall, was bothered to take a moment's pause to actually put a name to it), loose and in no time at all, leashed a havoc in Superman's territory. The battle ensues, and Superman managed to put a hold to Doomsday with his life as a cost. That was the first half of the film. The second half, Superman returns. No pun intended.

The absence of Superman was highly ascertained and prompted several figures to 'take in charge' his position as the protector of Metropolis. This was in the comic version. Although i couldn't remember very much the explanation on how Superman manages to cheat his death. But i found myself remembering that it was far easier to accept the explanation of his return (albeit brief) in the video rather than in the comic for his absence wasn't that much ascertained as it would seems that the fact was merely put in as an afterthought. It was clear that the video wishes to concentrate upon something that is more trivial, the fights. I could very much said that of 80 minutes or so of this video's running time, i found myself enjoyed the film for a mere 20 minutes which was naturally, the fighting scenes. Superman wasn't really my favorite superhero afterall. Even since i was a kid, Batman was the only superhero i could genuinely adored. Superman was too good and i found that there's no contradiction within him whatsoever which made him, well, Superman. And i personally, don't like that certain aspect of his.

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