Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's Been a While

Last two night's episode of The Big Bang Theory shows exactly why i liked this comedy show so much. It has "geek" and "nerd" stamped all over its face. For you unfamiliar with the show, it focuses on the life of a four "mad-scientists" whose genius level sky-rocketed way off the chart, one of them incapable of any social-related emotion, one of the other fall in love with a hot young blonde (and of course, normal) next door, and yet another one was totally incapable of talking to any woman except his mother. Trust me. If you considered yourself as a "geek", you're gonna love the show. In fact, watch any episode from the show, and if you can't understand most of it, then you're not a "geek" at all and just pretending to be one. And you should be ashamed of yourself.

Last episode opens with Howard apparently reading an RSS feed from his cell about the next Star Trek film which rumored would shown the birth of Spock scene that prompted to a lengthy discussion about Pon Farr and finally concluded with Spock's final word in The Wrath of Khan, "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one" complete with a Vulcan hand sign. Now, really, if you're never seen Star Trek, you would've lost at the very minute. Later, when Penny pretending that she was hosting a quiz and asked Leonard and Sheldon about who is the most frequent actor elected as "The Sexiest Man Alive" by the Poeple Magazine, Leonard promptly answered with "William Shatner". And of course when Penny says no, Leonard and Sheldon takes a moment's pause before re-answering the question with a firm "Patrick Stewart" and did a high-five. Again, if you can't find the correct correlation between William Shatner and Patrick Stewart, then you're just pretending to be a "geek" and therefore need to relinquish the title immediately. I'm dead serious on this one. Go see The Big Bang Theory and see how "geek" you really are.

Reaper is back. But as most of TV series go, in my opinion, i found that my affection waned over time. It is, however, spins the tale a bit when the rebellious Demons plan to take the Devil out using Sam's connection with supposedly, an Archangel Michael's Greatsword. By the end of the episode, Sam earned himself a Demon that really really pissed at him. Oh, and the Devil has changed his cell number. Don't ask.

New Amsterdam hits a season finale after only eigth episode. A promising premise, actually. A man was immortal, he was 400 years old, and would only grows old and die whenever he has found "love of his live". Too much lovey-dovey drama to my taste.

Last night American Idol, Andrew Llyod Weber's night, was my favorite episode of the seventh season by far. Probably because it's Opera night, and although i've never sit on one (Broadway is one of the place in my most wanted list should i ever had a chance to visit New York someday), i louve Opera. Not too mention that Andrew Lloyd Weber was a great musician and actually giving a constructive advice to the contestants that at the very least, way improving one of the contestant's performance. He's a genius. One need only to hear him talking about music, and you know that he's a fucking genius. At this point, i only wished that Jason Castro would hit the bucket tonight. His was easily the worst of the night. Oh, Brooke White as well. The first impression lasts, and she starts out with a wrong foot last night. But i still prefer her over Jason on any given time.

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