Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Mentalist (TV)

There's a new TV show at CBS, The Mentalist. It was a story about a crime-unit centered around a ... um, for lack of better word, a mentalist. Clearly inspired by Sherlock Holmes (or so I thought), our dude here, the mentalist, paid extra attention to little details around that turns him into a terrific yet understandably socially inept detective. He solved a murder case by pointing a finger to the most unlikely suspect when his team and the public has allegedly held the primer suspect for the case within the opening minutes of the film. He then surprises his mates again when during an autopsy he gave a comment that the victim was gay (he proved correct later, and no, he doesn't tell us how he correctly guessed one's sexual orientation from his cadaver). And just as Sherlock Holmes has Professor Moriarty, so does our detective. He has his own nemesis to answer to. A serial killer brandished by media with "Red Jack" who has been eluded him for five years and one that he has made into "his own" All in all, even if I'm not swept off of my feet, I'm planning to see what this series has to offer in the next episodes.

General review: Mostly acceptable, helped a lot by impressive performances (TV-wise) from Simon Baker and Robin Tunney.

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niken said...

Well, this series sounds interesting for me, especially since I love anything related with detective work.

Maybe I'll check it later :D
Thanks for the info, though