Friday, September 08, 2006

Dunia Tanpa Koma

As with most intelligent reasonable educated young adults in Indonesia, i shared the same hatred, disgust, contempt, or whatever negative attitude toward Indonesian-made TV series. If, by any chance, you caught me watching one of those shows it would be because one of these three reasons. One, i wanted a good laugh by laughing to and make fun of those blackest black and whitest white characters as portrayed by the cine-persons behind the series. Two, i wanted to had some sense of pride and relief by knowing that, 'Hey, they actually still made these craps to made a living'. Now, really, sometimes when i'm at my lowest, i actually watch some random Indonesian TV series to boost-up my confidence. And three, well, just like every entertainers around the globe, some of the girls, were actually an object of my fantasy desire. And i dont think i dont have to name them.

But now, after the relative success of Arisan! Series (verification needed, i've never seen the show, but some young adults said that it was different, in a good way), it seems that those Indian-capitalists producers would started to think about delivering a good show.

And thus with that spirit, which i sincerely hope would holds true, came Dunia Tanpa Koma which featuring some high-rated stars such as i-can't-do-any-role-but-Cinta's-look-a-like-role Dian Sastrowardoyo whose rumored to billed 100 million rupiahs per episode for this series, a funny, but i found him rather boring lately, Tora Sudiro, and a highly over-rated Fauzi Badilla (this guy really can't act, i tell you). RCTI has been very active to promote the flick, but in my eyes, still miles away from building the hype.

Anyway, the first episode will be aired on RCTI tomorrow at 9 pm. And it's featuring yet another hey-i'm-cute-so-i-dont-have-to-know-how-to-act, Mariana Renata. Alas, how unfortunate that i'll be watching English Premier League soccer match at the time. Well, good luck, "Dunia Tanpa Koma".. the future of Indonesian-cinemas lies on your hand.

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linda said...

I thought that you want to make some review based on the first episode:(
If later on u watch this "sinetron", please make the review...:) coz i'm curious bout this movie but i can't watch it:(

J said...

I agree with Linda. Please make a review of this series, if you have watched it. The booming adverts in every sort of media you can find in Jakarta, has really made the impression which left me curious; urging to find out if all those hype are true.

Unfortunately, like Linda, I couldn't watch it.

reri /niken said...

I've just found this page and was quite interested with the "dunia tanpa koma" entry. A little bit late response, yes. I bet you've already seen the movie, eh? I agree with the entries since I, myself, is not finding a joy in watching some Indonesian televisions series.

Anyway, i made a review about DTK in my blog. Please read it at if you don't mind, and if you don't think i'm such a lunatic for sending you an awkward email in the guest position at your blog *gasp*.

Thank you for your attention.

putri_iola said...

Hey, you cant possibly call a person as an intelligent reasonable educated young adult simply because he/she despises Indonesian tv series! Spare the crews, at least they try to be different from the common shallow series that are airing now.

Having said that, q like your curt yet frank appraising style. Do pen in your thots at the end of the series or best, each episode? =)

Rhama Arya Wibawa said...

Hm. Where do i start, well, i often cited to friends of mine, that i cannot do what they did as we, humans came with many traits of ability that doesn't necessarily intertwined each other's. Hence, i appreciated those who showed a great deal of effort in what they do. And i despised those who delivered a so-so product knowing that despite the lack of quality that their products had, he would surely earns a hefty sums of money from it.

I'm not a person who involved in a film business in any way, per se. Just a regular customer who wanted to make sure that his money (and time) was well spent.