Wednesday, September 27, 2006

JiFFest 2006 (December 8 - 17, 2006)

I've made up my mind, i'm going to do a movie-related news, such as movie reviews, movie experiences, you name it, full time. Well, at least, i'm going to try.

JiFFest 2006 (Jakarta International Film Festival), which will be held on December 8th 2006, will be one of the first exhibit that i would like to cover fully (hopefully). Anyway, here's one interesting thing about the festival, should you interested:

1. Short Fiction Film Script Workshop

Two winners out of the ten participants will be awarded with:
• 25 million Rupiah cash, to be used for the production of the short film. A professional film-producer will be assigned to guide the production. The cash prize and other available production money will be managed by the producer.
• Free use of camera (16mm or professional video- camera), film-stock or video- tapes, camera/ light equipment and editing equipment.

• Fill in the application form IN ENGLISH.
• Applicant must be living in Indonesia and/or an Indonesian citizen and must be 18 years or older.
• The entry (a script) should be original, authentic and about an Indonesian subject and/ or rooted in the Indonesian culture.
• THREE COPIES of the completed application form should be sent BY MAIL, accompanied by other supporting materials
• The prime consideration of the selection committee that reviews all the projects will be the content of the application.

Interested? I do.

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