Monday, September 18, 2006

Nintendo Wii

With PS3 still far beyond my sight (and my wallet), and XBox 360 featuring an online features (in my p.o.v, the only reason you would buy an XBox 360 was because of its online features), which largely unavailable in here, it seems logical to point my target to Nintendo's baby toy, Wii.

Though it features lesser graphic capabilities than its two competitors, Wii was far more interesting in my eye because of its controller. As pictured, instead of old-school d-pad on your left thumb and colorful buttons on your right thumb, Wii controller looks very much like a remote control. In a sense, it does. Because, in order to play the game through Wii requires you to actually swing your remote, or point and click to the screen through a motion-capture sensor.

Last year, at E3, Nintendo stole the spotlight with Tennis game demo that requires you to actually swinging your controller as if you're holding an actual racket tennis. And though i'm not a big fan of Nintendo, i fell in love ever since. Furthermore, Mr.Iwata, Nintendo's president also promises that it would cost less than US$ 250. What a bargain, i say. With PS3, coming next March 2007 (which means, that i would actually bought the console at 2008, at the earliest), i wouldn't mind to swing my controller with Mario brothers.

And the news is up, Nintendo would launch its next-gen controller in N.America on November 19 (249 Us$), in Europe on December 8 (249 Euros) and in Australia on December 7 (399.95 Aus$). It's affordable. Yay.

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