Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lux Short Films

Brace yourself, i'm going to do something unimaginable on the paragraphs that would follows. Praising an Indonesian film.

Ever heard of a soap called Lux? (i can't find its proper website, and what i mean by can't find was that i couldn't look for its proper address beyond the first page of a web-search engine). Well, they recently made several short-films each for their own 'stars' (as far as i know, they were Mariana Renata, Tamara Bleyzinski, Luna Maya, and Dian Sastro). I've seen for the whole 2 out of that 4 by the way. And here's the catch i warned you about, i actually liked Dian Sastro's short-film.

Nice soundtrack, great Indonesian village view, warming cinematography, pretty likeable chemistry between Dian and some-other-guy, and though it offers only a straight love-story with story-book ending it was told and given properly and not cheaply. It's pretty ironic since i was recently bashing the girl's capability of acting in my previous post. On my defense, by the way, Dian only says two lines in this film (yes, folks, two lines), and that was probably what made her acting skill better. By not speaking too much.

Mariana's short-film wasn't that bad either. But something wasn't right about her (and the film) that made me regarded it less than Dian's short-film. For the other two, Tamara's and Luna's, however, i dont give a damn. For you who don't know, i despised them, much to an extent that i wouldn't waste even ten minutes of my time to see if that their short-films were in par with the ones i wrote about here.

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