Monday, October 30, 2006


How's your holiday? Had (not) enough time with your families, relatives, and old friends? Good. I had mine. Well, until yesterday, anyway, when i checked my wallet and my bank account to see how much money i had spent during last holiday. And my, i've been robbed. I was a first born child, and a first born grand-child from my mother's side. And there you have it. :D.

Well, anyway, though that it has been a week already, let me say, "Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin" to you all, dear readers. And let me quote you my favourite saying regarding Ramadhan (can't remember the source though, must've been from emails, *shrug*), "Ramadhan was a month prep to face the next eleven months, in hope that what has been achieved in Ramadhan could be held or even better, be improved in the next eleven months". Not an easy task, much harder than hard, if you asked me. But believing in such saying, in my opinion, was a first step. And every great voyage, begins with a single step. Or so they've said.

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reri said...

Minal Aidin Wal Faidin too for you. Seems you had a quite nice time, eh? :D

Anyway, i linked your blog to mine. Is it okay? :D

arih said...

Maaf lahir bathin, sugeng riyadi. I spent so little, but got very tired of the trips, esp to Bangkinang (Riau).
Just adding, Syawal means improvement, and the month considered as the peak of annual muslim tarbiyah is Zulhijjah. Ramadhan is the first of four tarbiyah milestones, next is Syawal, Hajj, and last Idl Adha.