Sunday, October 08, 2006

Zack Snyder

In 2004, Dawn of the Dead caught me by surprise. I was ready to bashed the film when i set the disc inside the DVD player. Because, 1. It's a horror remade from the cult-classic George A Romero's Dawn of the Dead 2. This film was Zack Snyder's first and 3. The casts. No immediate charismatic star that attract this man's interests were listed in the bills. And so that's that. With a cup of coffee, dim light, and maximum volume, i watch the film.

To my surprise, i liked the film. I would put the film's up to top-half of my 'best-horror-films in the year 2004' and certainly, this film was on no.1 spot of my 'best-horror-films remake'. Mind you, i haven't seen The Hills Have Eyes yet. So, the statement still holds true at the time this post published.

Anyway, his next film, due 9 March 2007, was 300 which based on Frank Miller's graphic novel (see also: Sin City). And the first trailer is up. Go check it out. It's awesome. 300 told about the event of the Battle of Thermophylia where 300 Spartans held-off thousands of Persians in ancient Greek. Okay, that sounds a lot like Gladiator. But, uh, i dont know, check the trailer. The difference is evident. And the trailer has generated enough buzz for me to suredly stand in line coming next March.

This post, anyway, was about Zack. After 300, he was ready for Watchmen. Should the project really off-the-rumor-grounds, it would be yet another comic book adaptation. This time from an Englishman who is not friendly (as apparent with his disapprovals on films based on his works so far) with Hollywood, Alan Moore (see also: V for Vendetta). All geek who knows Alan Moore would surely loved the Watchmen, i'm not claimed my self as geek per se, but i've read Watchmen (of course), and comparing it to V for Vendetta, i prefered the latter. Watchmen was a little bit too phiplosophic for my taste. Though of course, to think about it as less than great pinnacle achievement in comic would be an understatement.

Up next, come Rainbow Six as his announced project. Rainbow Six had a distinction in my book of life as the only (yes, the only) Jack Ryan's story-line by Tom Clancy that i didn't own its paperback. It also spawns several self-titled video game in many platforms.

For a relatively new director, he has made an impressive filmography so far. Euh, and one more thing, he's seldomly used high-profile actors in his films (at least so far).

*PS: This is one lame post, i should ask for forgiveness as i wrote it in relative haste, in order to keep this blog updated.

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