Thursday, December 06, 2007

Screamfestindo 2007: Pathology (2008)

Okay, the "surprise movie" for the festival is .. drum rolls please, ... Pathology. A world premiere he said (true enough, because the film would be released at the US on February 8th, 2008). When the film was announced (of course, in 'cryptic' clues, clues that involved Peter Petrelli being mentioned), i was not excited nor disappointed. Because really, i hadn't expect anything, and with the previous films i had seen during the festival, i wasn't too hyped about the surprise thingy anymore. But it turns out that Pathology is an okay experience.

What if a bunch of medical students on a some kind of internships at forensics dept, whose expertise was used to determine the cause of death of suspected murder in a daily basis decides to do a little game where one of them killed anyone in random and the other tried to determine what method did the killer used to do the killing in order to search for the mythical purrfect murder.

Dr. Grey (Milo Ventimiglia) is the name of our hero. He just arrived in town and on a dawn of his first day at the job. He was a bright young doctor and quickly nudge head with the group who were not unlike that of high-school bullies. This group was clearly having fun in their job, they enjoyed opening people's body, removing organs from their respective places, and ultimately, they were enjoying in their little game.

Dr. Grey drawn to this group, and even later participated in their so-called game with justified sense of justice even if it sounds ..well.. justified and forced. However, before long, he was spared from the madness that evident to this group through his fiancee (Alyssa Milano) and her family family. But of course, the leader of the group, Dr. Jake (magnificent Michael Weston) was reluctant to let him go, and so the tension ensues.

Milo Ventimiglia, altough he never really gets out of that walk ever since his role at Gilmore Girls, gave a memorable performance. The couple of twenty-something years old girls beside me even squirming in small controlled histeria (which eliminates the probability of the girls being teenagers) when he first appears on screen. There's even a respectful moment i've felt inside me toward his character just about the end of the film when he's doing an autopsy by himself. The scene was probably a single most beautiful scene in the film.

However, i felt the film was a little bit dragging at the middle. I was very much distracted with several sex scenes, and hardly approve with it (i'm still a man, but a moviegoers as well, and i say, the sex scenes were too much. Way too much). I felt that it was more of an obligatory from the film-maker and merely deluded the entire taste of the film which otherwise would be a more pleasant experience than a simple okay.

The film was rated R, obviously, with such vivid display of autopsy processes to made gore-fans happy (including disembowelment, cutting internal body organs, and so forth), murder, drug uses, and sex. But it was fun, and i could appreciate the overall film in general. If only they reduced the amount of sex scenes which i feel a bit too much than it should be.

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