Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Waiting for a Hammer to Fall

Sigh. The very last few days has been very very hectic. More so because the year's end approaches, thus, every single item that was scheduled to wrap off in 2007 should and has to finish before a relatively long holiday which in my case, started tomorrow. Which further means, that this blog won't see any updates until December 27th, 2007.

Anyway, i had been working in various different companies for what? Three years and five different companies. Yet, this marked the very first time i was eligible for year's end bonus. My first ever year's end bonus, by the way. I had agreed with my manager about my performance in this semester (which lies somewhere between Good and Exceptional) and my report has been filed to the Human Resources whom will later settled on how much (usually, it was somewhere between two and three times of monthly stipend) each employees would receive as his/her respective semester bonus. It was probably one of the benefit of working in somewhat governmental company. But is it something that i really really want? Despite the pluses, i found myself longing for a little bit of comfort. A comfort provided by writing several thousand lines of codes. Meaningless words with colorful blue and green (depending on your IDE, of course) but magic none the less.


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