Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy New Year

So we arrived at our predetermined time of year. An idea tossed by society, sanctified by industry, and made eternal by (our) habits, this time of year is where we marked the very last few numbered box in our calendar, or preparing for a (probably) knock-yourself-out end of the year party. All in all, like it or not, i believe i wasn't very far from the truth when i say that each of us would spare several minutes of our precious time invigorating our accomplishments, failures, and whatever passed as an evaluation in our moments recently passed.

I was indifferent to a new year's celebration. Well, not so much anyway. I still thought about it, contemplating the events twelve months back, and making an half-serious, half-subconscious lists that could be well thought of as targets. But, if i ever passed my new year's eve with partying through the night, fireworks, and chanting counting down the seconds, i had entirely forgot about it. I believe i haven't had such experiences. Merely because, i valued my solitude more than any, and loud noises, many unfamiliar faces were rather stepping a little bit too far into my comfortable zone. I had plans though for this year's new year's eve. Plans that involved learning a tad more about Android (probably, heck, hopefully, could came out with fresh ideas), contemplating Coen Brothers' films and probably dedicated the first week of 2008 with blog entries about each film's retrospective, probably a Venti cup of Cafe Misto at Starbucks (which given my general distaste with strangers, could be well dusted and buried), and most likely just sit in my room with a paperback in hand (let's not forget the ephemeral yellow pad notes). One thing for sure though, all of these plans doesn't necessary involved any other person other than myself. My colleagues planned to go to Bandung which if you asked me, a very very very bad idea. There's not enough open road in Bandung that could contain all the cars with 'B' letter on its license plate that would infested Bandung starting from today. So, i had opted to not have any plans instead.

The year that had passed seen some of my earlier ideas come to fruition, seen several paths paved up nicely for the taking, but some disappointments were also due, bridges crumbled, events that made me cringed in agony when i remembered it, events that made me smile in silent gratitude, and more so, prominent than any other pinnacles of memory in me, events that made me want to shout angrily at myself for the incompetence. Overall, i could very much say that i had made some kind of progression into my previously aimless life. Not much, not very much, probably a single stone i thrown down into a pit that would later become the very foundation of my dream house. Insignificant, but it's a first step. Just like some old wise guy whom name i hadn't cared to remember - he's probably Chinese, but couldn't tell - said that every journey begins with a single step, and so my life has entered a new phase where i just took a single concrete step toward the fabled destination.

Okay, that being said, i've only got one plan for the year 2008 that i would like to reveal publicly through this blog, which is getting Married. Oh yes, i've GOT to get Married this year. With capital 'M'. It's not as easy as you may think, because we (me and my gf, naturally) had to paid for the event by ourselves. Ah, well..

Anyway, happy new year.

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niken said...

Happy new year too for you! My family and I usually spend the 'new year' time (as you can name it) by staying at home and watching some movies. Never thought of going out anywhere since it'll be very crowded and annoyed. Only hope this year we'll be better people than before.. :)

Oh, and good luck for the "W"!!
Some of my friends have aleady had it, and I'm a bit envy to them.
Semoga lancar ya.. dan semoga aku bisa cepet nyusul.. *crossing fingers* X9