Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Knocked Up (2007)

I'm in a strong opinion that there were only three films that qualified for the race of best comedy of the year 2007. Superbad, which i haven't seen, and because there'd be nil chance that this R-rated comedy would hit the local theater, the only option for me right now is to wait for the DVD release, 2 Days in Paris which would be screened at the Jiffest in two weeks time, and the only one that i've already seen from the three, Knocked Up.

The name Judd Apatow might sounds alien to most. But to us, film afficionados, Judd Apatow is already a name with reputation worthy to observe. One after another, the man had raised the bar for comedy films. The 40-Year Old Virgin which in my opinion, doubtless, responsible for sky-rocketing Steve Carrel's name, was one of the best film in 2004. And i'm willing to bet that the same could've been said to Seth Rogen in the future.

Seth Rogen is a Ben Stone a twenty-something slacker who had tried to start a dream with his fellow slackers but too much dreaming and too less working made them merely running in a tread-mill, not to mention that the dream was largely involving watching movies for nude scenes by celebrities (this of course, remind me of someone, who also a twenty-something, who also had dreams of a huge things, but simply too lazy and too angry to pursue, ... that would be me, by the way). While the ever lovely, Katherine Heigl, is Alison Scott, an anchor woman at the entertainment network television on the rise of her career. The two unlikely couple met. And on a wild night, the couple, which in any other circumstances would detest one another (this would especially true to what would Katherine Heigl felt to Seth Rogen, not necessarily vice versa), had an unprotected sex and ended up having a baby which she decides to keep.

For the twenty-something slacker, the probability of having a baby would loomed in a mountain of responsibility. Something that the slacker would found a great difficulty to afford. And for the career anchor-woman on a rise, having a slacker as a potential father to her baby, in addition of actually having the baby itself, would oppose a challenge formidable enough to demand an answer. The film dealt with the unlikely relationship told in a light-hearted and fun manners without being forced in an too over-the-top comedy. And with an added story-line about another relationship (Debbie, Alison sister, with her husband, Pete), the film was (not) surprisingly deep and concluded with a simple message about relationships that worked best when you're able to deal with the difference and not (and i believed so) merely looking for a perfect companion who agreed with you all the time. That would be boring.

The film was rated R. Some gross images and dialogs are bound to be around. I was laughing out loud when the characters talked about the stuffed-animal in the toilet although that was practically gross subjects to talked about, but the expressions were priceless. And i was simply look away when they shoot the birthing scenes. Rather disturbing i say, but again, simply worthy as one of the strong candidate for a best comedy of the year. In fact, the film was not merely comedy, but romance as well, in a way that it touches your heart (i'm not saying that romance is above comedy, but, given the usual dish of comedies we had nowadays, i'd like to think that comedy is one of the easiest film to made. Just put some comic faces, slap him, let him slip, embarass him, drench him in various nasty liquids, and you've got yourself a comedy. However, the actual challenge was to made a comedy that genuinely funny, ironically funny, not merely slapstick-props-and-gags-driven funny. In that sense, comedy is one of the hardest film to made. And Judd Apatow had shown how to made a comedy in that lane. Twice).

Katherine Heighl is solid through-and-out, she was the perfect Alison - Judd Apatow initially went with Anne Hathaway. I say 'boooo...' - beautiful, very very likeable, beautiful, energetic, and did i mentioned beautiful? And Apatow's usual, Seth Rogen, did nothing that is outside his comfort zone. And why does he had to, if he's already apt in that zone?

All in all, this would be my sleeper hit film of the year 2007. My best comedy of the year so far, and one of the best film in the year 2007.

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