Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Teeth (2007)

Teeth. Caution, disturbing film review ahead. If one could define a genre where comedy and horror intermingled, this film would be a perpetual example to it. Altough i must made my point clear that there's nothing absolutely funny about the film but i could argue that this film, in some stretch, very much qualifiable as a comedy.

The term 'vagina dentata' only appears in this film after the 50th minute. One would argue that by giving the term right out front would made the film less interesting. Well, i say, for this film, you really need to know what's the deal with 'vagina dentata' up ahead, you know, to get yourself acquainted with the disturbing idea that makes this film.

Dawn (Jess Weixler), is your typical schoolgirl. Sweet and comfortably in the upper end of society in terms of beauty and smartness. In her school, she promotes (and eventually become a motivational speaker for the cause) the importance of keeping the virginity for the marriage bed. The arrival of Tobey (Hale Appleman) to her school provides a considerable threat to her whole ideal "virginity" thing. We knew where they would be going eventually that the only question mattered was "when". And, oh, when that "when" has finally arrived, my, what a scene.

The film screams "B-movie" all over the place. The casts, the dialogues, the sets, and almost the overall production values. However, it was a 'fun' ride nonetheless, that is if you could cope with the disturbing idea of having someone with a toothed-vagina case. It doesn't offered the whys and hows. Dawn, the victim was shocked at first, panicked when she doesn't really have anyone to turns to, engulfed with the sense of guilt to a point where suicide might seems a good idea. However, a turn of event in the family (involving her mum and her childhood) made her finally embraces the "monster" within her and decides to live with it. The rather hilarious end scene where she looks outside from a car, smile her little smile while behind her sits this creepy old man wiggling his tongue was merely an end of chapter for Dawn and a beginning of a yet another chapter. The end? Nowhere in sight.

My rating: ** / **** - Nudity, and disturbing images involving genitals. Very very un-recommended for those who merely used films as an escapee.

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